I’m Going To Graham !

Situated under the tall Green Oaks of Young County, Graham Texas, is an up and coming hub for Texas travelers. The town itself evokes a Mayberry vibe from the Andy Griffith show. With a large court house in the center of town,and the largest town square in America Graham will transport you to a simpler time.

I have recently made a few trips to Graham and the surrounding area for multiple reasons. Each time I am surprised by the beauty this town brings to the table. Gorgeous Victorian homes flying American flags from the front porch . Quaint stores offering unique shopping experiences. There always seems to be something new to see each time I visit.  As well Graham offers some good Eats.  Perhaps the best restaurant I tried while visiting was Brother’s Smokehouse. Offering good old fashioned Texas cuisine this place will send you home full,and probably with a to-go container the portions are pretty generous.  Family owned and operated the BBQ is the star of the show at this establishment. Being a true Texas Gal I had to try the chicken fried steak which was marvelous including the sides.

Speaking of good food Graham recently hosted the Food Truck Championship of Texas the first weekend of June. With over 50 food trucks nestled around the courthouse square there was endless possibilities to try something new.  Such a fun weekend activity eating on the courthouse steps while listening to live music. They topped off the night with a fantastic concert performed by Parker McCollum and Turnpike Troubadours! Definitely an event I will be attending for years to come.

Graham being an older Texas town is chalk full of history waiting to be explored. Some of the state’s most interesting history sits 11 miles down the road from Graham’s city center. Fort Belknap a pre civil war Fort that was rebuilt in 1936 is a place to visit where history really happened. Established in 1851 as the northern most fort on the TX trail Belknap served in protecting settlers of Young County from surrounding native Americans. Visiting the museum which used to be Belknap’s commissary I was able to see actual artifacts from the fort and feel history envelop me as I wondered what events had taken place on the very ground on which I was standing. Jim Hammond the caretaker and director of Ft. Belknap is like a walking history book ask him anything about Belknap ,or Texas in general and I’m sure he’ll give you some insight.

Graham offers a traveler plenty. Friendly faces fill the town’s cute stores and downtown square. Art installments line the streets, and an original Post office has been turned into a very interesting art museum.  Graham even has a old school Drive-In Theatre that will surely be the cherry on top of a day filled with activities. Graham has come up with the slogan “Where Texas Comes Home”.  That’s true Graham does feel like home.  The people will welcome you with warm smiles, and you’ll have plenty to do. So next time you’re asked what your weekend travel plans are hopefully you’ll reply with “I’m going to Graham”!







  1. The little towns images i have my mind are wonderful of a little closenit Family like community warm and inviting I’ll have to be sure to plan a trip soon


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